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Ghislane Dehaene-Lambertz

Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab, France.

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Originally qualified as a paediatrician, I am now directing the lab of developmental neuromaging in Neurospin, a brain-imaging platform dedicated to the human brain in Saclay (Paris south suburd). The goal of my research is to study the brain functional organization and its development in order to understand how complex cognitive functions, such as language, music, mathematics, etc… emerge in the human brain. My approach is to examine the primitive functions that are accessible to the human brain to process the external word soon after birth, then to study how initial biases in brain organization could be shaped by the human environment to give rise to the mature state. More recently, I am also looking at the first years of schooling to study how culture and education took advantage of the prodigious learning capacities of the brain to teach our children.