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The 7th version of the LASchool will take place in Termas El Corazón, located 87 km from Santiago de Chile.

Nestled in the area of the Aconcagua Valley, in the Andean Cordillera, passing through the city of Los Andes and San Esteban, we arrive at the “The Affectionate Botado”.

Here, it stands out for its quality, history and prestige, a different place next to the mountain and a great family tradition, that attracts visitors from different corners of the world.

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International Arrivals

– Reciprocity Tax

Incoming passengers who hold an Australian passport should pay a Reciprocity Tax before going through the International Police security checkpoint, and then continue to Immigration Control.

For more information about this tax, contact us at:
+56 2 2690 1063


– International Police

Passengers must submit their travel documents, i.e. passport or identity card, and the duly stamped visa as necessary, at International Police every time they fly into the country.
International tourists are required to fill out a Tourist Card and hand in a copy of this document when leaving the country. Foreign residents in Chile must hand in a copy of this document upon their return.
Please note that Chilean nationals are not required to fill out a Tourist Card when traveling.


– Customs
Passengers have the right to enter – free of customs duty charges and taxes – the goods that constitute their luggage.


– Agriculture and livestock service (SAG)
Upon entering the country, it is necessary to declare the entry of certain goods as for example vegetables, meat, plants and pets.


International Departures

Passengers should go to the International Departures area, located on the third level, west end of the passenger terminal.

After checking in at the airport ticket counter or online, passengers should go to the Immigration counters, where their travel documents (identity card or passport, stamped visa for the country of destination, and boarding pass) will be checked by the International Police. If you are traveling with minors, you must carry additional documents such as a legalized parental authorization, certificates and/or family record book, as required.

Finally, passengers must go through the airport security checkpoint (AVSEC) before entering the Departures Lounge.

Please remember that if you are on a temporary visit to Chile as an international tourist, you must hand in the copy of your tourist card upon your return to your country of origin. Foreign residents in Chile, on the other hand, you should fill out a tourist card before traveling.

Departing passengers who have to re-enter Chile in the near future and are taking any valuables out of the country can make a Declaration on the Temporary Exit of Goods (DST) at a Customs Service office located on the right-hand side of the airport security checkpoint.

The official currency is the Chilean Peso, which is the only valid monetary unit in the country’s territory. The value of the Peso relative to the American Dollar, Euro and other foreign currencies changes daily; therefore, you are advised to check the exchange rate on the date you plan to travel to Chile.

As there are no foreign exchange restrictions, money may be exchanged freely at official banks and currency exchanges, with no special documentation requirements.

Metal coins come in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $50, $100 and $500, while bank notes, made of cotton paper or polymer substrate, come in denominations of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 y $20,000.

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in Exchange rate, click on View Serie to check for the current value of 1 chilean peso.

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In June 2017 , Termas del Corazón

Temperature Max = 21° Celsius

Temperature Avg  = 14° Celsius

Temperature Max =  8° Celsius

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