Nancy Estévez Pérez 2018-05-07T16:43:33+00:00

Nancy Estévez Pérez

Centro de Neurociencias de Cuba

My research is mainly focused in the study of the brain networks underlying learning, and in particular, in the development of numerical cognition and it’s interactions with other cognitive processes in children. I have contributed to the design of computarized tasks for the characterization of domain specific and domain general cognitive processes in school-aged children. I have contributed to the study of brain morphometric properties and connectivity in children with developmetal dyscalculia (DD), and of children with Neurofibromatosis Type I, a genetic síndrome which exhibits specific learning disabilities and I have conducted intervention studies using videogames in order to stimulate basic numerical processing in typically developing children. Recently, I’m also interested in the study of this processes in earlier neurodevelopmental stages (preschoolers).